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Welcome to Hebron !

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Solidarity Hebron is a Palestinian non-governmental organization established in 1997 with the goal of fostering cultural exchanges between France and Hebron. The organization’s endeavours are directly influenced by the experiences and dedication of its founders, Chantal and Anwar Abu Eisheh.

As a result, our program for teaching the French language and Franco-Palestinian cultural events were set in motion. Over time, this mission has expanded, particularly in response to the economic and social challenges faced by families most impacted by Israeli colonization and military administration in the historical section of the city.
Accordingly, Solidarity Hebron’s initiatives are rooted in cultural and social commitment, with the primary objective of supporting vulnerable populations, especially women and children, residing in the old city of Hebron. Simultaneously, the organization strives to preserve and reinforce the connections between France and Hebron. The preservation of these connections is crucial, as they offer a glimpse into the reality of the Israeli occupation and the daily lives of the Palestinian population.

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Volunteering and Internship

Solidarity Hebron welcomes interns and volunteers throughout the year. The diverse range of our activities enables each individual to contribute their best in an instructive setting.

Volunteers and interns are accepted through spontaneous applications.

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    Solidarity Hebron is a grassroots NGO and our endeavours positively impact dozens of individuals every day, notably among the most vulnerable women and children in Palestine. The implementation of our programs aligns with a humanitarian approach and contributes to shedding light on the reality of Israeli colonization and occupation experienced by the affected population.

    To continue our mission, we need YOU.