The Association has been committed in the promotion and protection of heritage since 2007. Since 2011, extra-educational activities have been organised in schools. The association has, for example, produced an “educational kit” including an information booklet, a quiz on the environment, a card game of the 7 families of Hebron and a “jeu de l’oie” with ceramic counters of Hebron. More than 5,000 students in the district have benefited from this programme.

Smell the scent of spices in the old market !
Discover the famous Hebronite craftsmanship !
Venture off the beaten track to discover the region’s heritage !
Welcome to Hebron, city of Abraham

Guided tours

Often absent from traditional tourist circuits, Hebron has an exceptional heritage classified by UNESCO in July 2017. Our association has developed an alternative tourism programme aimed at highlighting this heritage in the Hebron region. Visits to the old city and/or archaeological sites and craftsmen’s workshops are provided by local French and English speaking guides, trained by the association and recognised by the Palestinian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities. Accommodation with Palestinian families is also possible.
See our rates below.


Number of personsHalf-dayFull day
From 1 to 2350700
From 3 to 5450900
From 6 to 85001000
From 9 to 105501100
From 11 to 157001400
From 16 to 208001600
From 21 to 3010002000
From 31 to 55 (2 guides)15003000
Prices applicable from September the 1st 2022

We also offer accommodation with English and/or French speaking Palestinian families.

Rate: 170 shekels per night per person, including dinner, overnight stay and breakfast.

In order for travellers to learn about the heritage of the district, the AEHCF has published a guidebook in English, French and Arabic.

Alternative tourism