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Working with us

We welcome interns or volunteers on a regularly basis, if they are likely to help us on setting cultural activities (exhibitions, debates, concerts) and to contribute to our alternative tourism program and work on some administrative and logistic issues.

Looking for new partners

You can also help us finding new partners and sponsors on our projects to come.

Hosting Palestinian students during summer

We are looking for host families in France to host some of our students, show them the everyday life in France and providing them an access to the French culture.   These stays also aim at improving the French skills of the students. They last 3 weeks and take place in July.

If you are interested, please contact us before April!

Help us

To make a donation:

Association d’Échanges Culturels Hébron-France

Quds Bank ACCOUNT No : 101200


IBAN EURO: PS 57 ALDN 047201012000430010000

IBAN $: PS 90 ALDN 0472 01012000020010000

IBAN NIS: PS 72 ALDN 0472 01012000 4200 10000