Raising awareness about heritage and environment

The Hebron-France Association aims to raise awareness about heritage and environment among Hebron’s youth.

Khouloud, Nebal and Ayat, our 3 pedagogical workers,  set up workshops and educational outings . In September and October 2015, they organized 6 workshops and 6 educational outings, reaching more than 220 children in H1 and H2 schools.

During the workshop at school, the pedagogical workers give the pupils our pedagocical info kit.  In this kit, there is an information and quizz booklet about environment, a card game (the 7 families of hebron),  and a “snakes and ladder” game . At the end of the workshop, the children play environmental hopscotch.

A few days later, the children go to the archeological sites in Hebron district in order to get to know, appreciate and protect their patrimony.