Hebron – France Association for Cultural Exchanges

  • Cultural activities

The AECHF receives, often in conjunction with the French Institute in Jerusalem, artists and speakers in different fields: plastic arts, performing arts, visual arts, gastronomy. It also organizes film screenings.

Nada Badwan Gallery
Mohammad Abu Sal Gallery
Brayauds band from Auvergne for the music day with a dabke group from Hebron
  • Francophonie :

The association provides French lessons, a method centered on the acquisition of 4 skills (written and oral comprehension, written and oral production) and prepares for DELF / DALF exams.

DELF / DALF are diplomas issued by the French Ministry of National Education, internationally recognized and essential for submitting a French government scholarship application (

Session: 50h (4h / week)

Registration fee: 400 NIS

adult courses

To learn or deepen your French language skills and discover French culture, the French club is a cultural and humanist club whose objectives are to learn while having fun, to discover. It is an opportunity to meet Palestinians, French and foreigners, in order to promote mutual knowledge of languages, cultures and living conditions and thus to actively contribute to understanding and friendship between peoples. Outings, tours, hikes in Hebron and out of town are organized throughout the year, as well as meetings with French speakers.

The facebook group of the Club

Day of Francophonie in AECHF
Day of Francophonie in AECHF
  • Alternative tourism : 

The Association has been committed since 2007 in the promotion and protection of heritage. Since 2011, extra-educational activities have been organized in schools. The association has produced an “educational kit” including an information booklet, an environmental quiz, a deck of cards of the 7 families of Hebron and a “goose game” with pawns in Hebron ceramic. . Over 5,000 students in the district have benefited from this program.

Game of 7 families bilingual French-Arabic on the heritage of Hebron
Exhibition on Hebron heritage in the association
  • Guided tours

Often absent from traditional tourist circuits, Hebron nevertheless has an exceptional heritage classified by Unesco in July 2017. Our association has developed an alternative tourism program aimed at highlighting this heritage of the Hebron region. Visits to the old city and / or archaeological sites and artisan workshops are provided by local French and English speaking guides trained by the association and recognized by the Palestinian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities. Accommodation with Palestinian families is also possible.
See our rates below.

Mamluk ablution fountain at the entrance to the Tomb of the Patriarchs
During the olive harvest season
Visit of the site of Ein el Maamoudiyeh – Taffuh
Legendary Hebron Grapes
Hebron under the snow!
Painted ceramic workshop
Aristobolia site visit
Glassblowing craft from Hebron city

In order for travelers to learn about the heritage of the district, the AEHCF has published a guide in French, English and Arabic.

our guide in English (also exists in French and in Arabic)

Rates in shekels

Number of persons Half day Full day
1 to 5 300 560
6 to 10 350 620
11 to 15 380 700
16 to 20 450 750
20 to 30 550 820
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We also offer accommodation in French-speaking and / or English-speaking Palestinian families.

Price: 150 shekels per night and per person, including dinner, overnight stay and breakfast

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