What’s up at Hebron-France?

The AECHF offers French courses on the model of those proposed by the French Institute of Jerusalem: method centered on the acquisition of the 4 skills (written and oral comprehension, written and oral production) and exam preparation for the DELF / DALF . Experienced teachers.
The sessions take place over 50 hours at a rate of 2x2h per week, in the afternoon.
Registration fee: 400 NIS for 50h.

Manual: 160 NIS, used on 2 or 3 sessions, depending on the case.

French course / Francophonie
Over the period we counted a dozen students spread over 2 levels in 2 groups. In the absence of a local trainee, it was difficult to mobilize the French-speaking club, but several interventions by 2 French volunteers, Virginie and Jean-Damien, allowed some conversation and games sessions.
Rapport d’activites novembre 2018-janvier 2019


Elections to the General Assembly took place at the Hebron-France Association, opposite the University of Hebron. Saturday 02/02/2019

Visit to the Zanutta School southwest of Hebron, in zone (C) by the president of the association Hebron-France and members of the board of directors:


Mr Anwar Abu Eisha, former Minister of Culture, President of AECHF

Mr. Lahcen Al-Wardi

Ms Lubna Abu Turki

Miss. Kholoud Merish

Miss. Zakia Ayache

a dozen bags full of school supplies were distributed

to the students of the school

On Sunday 27/11/11, 2019


Screening of the film (on the way to school) at the headquarters of the association Hebron / France, Sunday 27/1/2019




The AECHF has documentation in French and English on higher education in France and scholarships. The Consulate General of France in Jerusalem will be present regularly in the premises to guide the students in their scholarship application.

Piano, oud and darbouka lessons by Maali Tamimi and Abood Qawasmeh
Archaeological Site: Beit Al Ban
Discover with us the archaeological site of Beit Al-Ban!
Located 20 kilometers west of Hebron, the site is dated to the Hellenistic period (332-37 BC). This vast site is worth visiting for its numerous archaeological structures such as the stone quarry, inside which is the columbarium (which allows to determine the ground level at this time), the numerous niches arranged in the rocky wall which served as shelters for pigeons, or the remains of habitats of the time!
For more information, refer to the guide of the association!
This project, funded by TIPH and CCFD, aims to form a choir of children in the district of Tel Rumeida (Zone H2).
Every Saturday, 50 children gather at a social center in this area and are trained by Maali. At the same time, a group of 17 girls are practicing dabke, a traditional Palestinian dance, in our local Old Town.




مدرسة امواج

Since September 2015, Mathilde and Michele have set up the Amwaj choir (“Ondes”) at the Association. 60 children from Hebron, Bethlehem and the surrounding area sing in more than 20 languages ​​and perform very regularly in concert with professional musicians in different cities of Palestine (Jericho, Bethlehem, Hebron, Jerusalem …)